Welcome to the VELUX Dealer Extranet

VELUX have launched a new Dealer Extranet system, offering you greater functionality and flexibility to allow you to manage and track your orders in a convenient way.

New features and benefits

  • All products shown in the VELUX product brochure can now be ordered via the new Dealer Extranet system using our quick code entry system.
  • The introduction of a new Order tracking system called V-Track, which allows you to follow your orders progress from the moment your order is processed, right up until delivery.
  • You can also download copies of your Proof of Deliveries, VELUX order confirmations, delivery notes and invoices.

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Accessing VELUX Dealer Extranet

Order user guide

Account information user guide

Quotations user guide

Tracking orders user guide


You can apply for an account by clicking on the 'request access' link on the Dealer Extranet login screen. This can be accessed by clicking on the web link to the site. After the form has been submitted, you will receive an email from VELUX within 2 to 3 business days. The username will be the email address that you originally submit on the form and you will be able to create your own password.

Tips when registering for access:

1. You will require your VELUX customer number. Your customer number can be found on any order confirmation, delivery note or invoice from VELUX.

2. We will require a valid email address. Please be advised that the email address supplied will be your username and any sub users will require their own email address to access the system.

3. If you have not received an email within 3 business days, check your SPAM or junk mail folders. The mail will be addressed from eTrading. Should you not have received your access email, please contact VELUX via etrading@velux.co.uk or you can telephone VELUX on 01592 778225.

4. Proforma accounts customers can apply for a Dealer Extranet account to track orders and view account information and prepare quotes, but cannot process orders.

Yes, it is possible for you to change your password.  Click on the below user guide which will explain how to access Dealer Extranet, change your password and what to do should you forget your password.

Accessing VELUX Dealer Extranet - Pages 5-9

Changing your password - Page 10

Forgotten password - Page 11

VELUX Dealer Extranet access user guide

As a security precaution, if you have unsuccessfully entered your password more than three times, the Dealer Extranet system will lock and deny access to your account.

If you have forgotten your username or password for your VELUX Dealer Extranet account, you can reset your password by clicking on the ‘Forgotten Password?’ link on the home screen.

If you have locked your account you should contact VELUX via etrading@velux.co.uk or you can telephone VELUX direct on 01592 778225 and ask to be transferred to the eTrading team who will confirm your details and reactivate your account. If you are a Sub User please contact the main user in your branch who can reset your password for you.

No. VELUX Dealer Extranet is a free and secure web-based operating system available to all our customers.

VELUX provides an additional 1% electronic ordering discount to our credit account customers when processing orders via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and Dealer Extranet.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) only allows the transfer of order and invoice information between companies and there are significant cost implications to purchasing an EDI system and paying for a systems provider to set-up and maintain this on your behalf.

VELUX Dealer Extranet (Electronic Data Interchange) is completely free and maintained by VELUX offering an interactive system for our customers to access all their account details. Customers can process and track orders as well as create quotes. You can also obtain proof of deliveries, view invoice and credit details and obtain price and delivery lead times for VELUX products.

Yes. All products shown in the VELUX product brochure can be ordered via the new Dealer Extranet system which features a search bar, quick order function and introducing a new configuration tool. Many spare parts can also be ordered.

Orders for Special items (e.g SPECIAL GGLK) can be placed providing that VELUX have prepared the quote for you first. You must provide VELUX with your official Purchase Order No. to add to the quote before you can place the order as you will not get the opportunity to add it later.

Please open the attached pdf user guide which will provide further information on how to process orders using your new Dealer Extranet system.

Order Guide

Information on processing orders - Page 3

Processing orders - Pages 4-6

Processing an order from a quote - Page 7-8

Order upload tool - Page 9-10

Deleting / amending order lines - Page 11

Saving the order - Page 12-13

Direct to site orders - Page 14

Selecting a delivery date - Page 15

Search/view orders - Page 16-17

Reordering from a previous order - Page 18-19

VELUX Dealer Extranet processing orders user guide

The attached user instruction guide will provide information on the following topics.

VELUX Dealer Extranet account information - Page 3-4

Order/view invoices - Page 5-6

Super Dealers - Page 7

Creating/editing sub user access - Page 8-10

Upload Logo for client quotes - Page 11

VELUX Dealer Extranet account information user guide

Yes, one of the new features of Dealer Extranet 3 (DE3) is the functionality to be able to build your own quotes. The only exception would be specials where you need to obtain a quote from VELUX. The following guide will give further explanation.

Creating a quote with VELUX discount - Page 3-9

Creating quotes for clients (from an existing quote) - Page 10-16

Creating quotes for clients (with configurator) Page 17-20

Search and view quotes - Page 21-22

VELUX Dealer Extranet obtaining quotations user guide

Yes. Your new VELUX Dealer Extranet (DE3) keeps the same V-Track which allows you to follow your orders progress from the moment your order is processed right up until delivery.

You can also download copies of your proof of deliveries, VELUX order confirmations, delivery notes and invoices.

The attached user guide will provide information on how to track your VELUX deliveries and obtain copies of your order confirmations, delivery notes, invoice and proof of deliveries.

Overview - Page 3

Tracking orders - Page 4-6

Downloading delivery notes/invoices - Page 7-8

VELUX Dealer Extranet tracking orders user guide